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Sacramento Fly-In Update

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Benjamin Stephens
Director of Marketing & Communications
American Supply Association
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ASA Leads Members on First-Ever Sacramento Fly-In

Itasca, IL – June 21, 2016 – Last week, manufacturer and distributor members of the American Supply Association embarked on their first foray into state policy-making. On the day that it was announced that California leapfrogged both Brazil and France as number six in economic might, small business owners in California were gearing up to take their message to members of the Senate and General Assembly in the Golden State.

But while California’s economy flourished in the headlines, as ASA’s members successfully advocated, not all is well for the small business climate in the state. “The costs and burdens of operating a small business have made it imperative that we get involved in Sacramento; we are looking for solutions and leaders that will be a voice of reason,” said Columbia Specialty Company’s Mike Taylor.

Attendees met with leaders in the General Assembly and Senate imparting their experiences, challenges and good-news stories from operating small businesses. Attendees discussed the need to reform the legal process, protect small businesses from meritless and frivolous lawsuits, water infrastructure and the continuing impacts that the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water has had. Manufacturers got into the game as well, with Bradford White Corporation’s Eric Truskoski educating policy-makers on the challenges brought on by the California Energy Commission revisions to Title 24’s strict new energy efficiency requirements for water heaters.

ASA’s involvement in government affairs actually traces its roots to Sacramento. It was the onerous and consequential Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act that made the association realize that enough was enough. “We have said all along that water agencies were the winners and the distributors were the losers when that law passed. That was when we said, “Never again!,” said Executive Vice President, Mike Adelizzi.

“We came to Sacramento to build relationships and claim a seat at the table before the next bad or questionable idea is generated; with that we are successful. It is our responsibility as industry leaders to stop the bad ideas and help improve the good ones. Without the relationships that we have started to build, that is just not possible,” said ASA Education Foundation Chairman John Mills (WHCI Plumbing Supply).

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