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Washington Update

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Last Week
The House and Senate were in recess.

Last week, ASA established the ASA Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund with the sole purpose of supporting our members, their employees and families that have been directly impacted by this devastation. Every dollar raised will go to the families who have lost homes, automobiles, clothes and food. While we know that our industry family members will get assistance from the many relief agencies already in Texas helping, as an industry and association, we can help just a little bit more. No one organization can replace everything someone loses in a disaster. The direct support from our association, and our industry, to those in dire need can mean volumes to our friends as they try to get back on their feet.
So, we are appealing to you to make a financial contribution to the American Supply Association c/o The ASA Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. This is a dedicated account with everything that we raise going directly to those needing our help. We have been in contact with many of our members operating in south Texas and the Houston area. They are just beginning to assess the total impact from this storm and as we are all hearing on the news, it’s not yet over.

Donate now to the ASA Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Your donation will make a huge difference to our industry’s friends.

This Week
The House and Senate return for a busy fall, which is sure to garner even more attention and urgency following the devastation as a result of Hurricane Harvey. There are many that hold out hope that this may usher in a wave of bipartisanship. But on the docket this fall will be must-pass items such as passing federal appropriations for fiscal year 2018, by September 30. In addition, the debt ceiling must be raised, also by the end of this month. Failing to pass the former could cause a government shutdown, while failing to raise the debt ceiling could cause the US to default. The previous debt ceiling extension expired on March 15. The Treasury Department has since been using so-called extraordinary measures to pay the country’s bills. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin sent a letter to House Speaker Ryan in late July saying those extraordinary measures would last until September 29.